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You’ve now scrolled down very far on my portfolio. I assume you’d like to read a bit more about me. But since I don’t like to talk and pictures are worth a thousand words or something like that, I’ll give you a link to my Instagram that says more about me than a lecture about my life as an illustrator. Or as an animator. Or as a designer. I can’t quite decide what to call myself yet. Any ideas? Send me an email!

Anyhow, I absolutely work as a freelance artist and accept commissions. I also have a blog for creative people who have problems with their creative work. You can find it on the top of this page at the menu bar. Yes, I know, you have to scroll up again. If you want to you can bookmark this page and do it later. Or just click this link to my blog. By the way: My favorite blog post is the one about perfectionism so far!

So, that’s it about me. Keep scrolling through my portfolio!

Oh, and I have a shop! I keep forgetting about this but not about sending your orders quickly and efficiently, I swear!

If you want to see more of my portfolio or have any questions, feel free to contact me. I am always willing to talk to people like you! Unless you are one of the lizard people who want to steal my portfolio. Then I ask you politely but sternly to get lost.