Trust me, I have the ability and willingness to draw some funny pictures.

Markus Eberhard Portrait

Hullo and welcome! My name is Markus and I call myself a creative allrounder who likes to give drawn stuff a somewhat witty story.

I’m capable to do Illustration, animation, and design. Not exactly simultaneously, but separately!

In the field of illustration, for example, I can decorate your awesome magazine with editorials. I can create covers and posters with wit and give your advertising campaign a lasting impression. All your great ideas will get to a visual level for you (if you let me do it!)

I love to tell exciting stories visually. Whether in a single image or an entire comic. Even with weird and experimental narratives, you’re right with me. It would be fantastic if the whole thing could be done with humor (See lead-in sentence)!

Animation-wise, I create motion designs – as drawn 2D Animation or completely with After Effects, which can benefit your explainer videos or advertising campaigns. Short funny GIF animations and longer films are also part of my “moving” repertoire. I can also help you with storyboards and character designs.

Besides the Bachelor of Animation, I studied Master Design at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and therefore acquired – and I quote – “knowledge of, and skills in, Design Leadership, Design Methods, Design Research and Producing Added Value through Design¹“. The design I practice is user-centered, evidence-based, results-oriented, socially useful, and culturally sensitive I currently use my design experiences for my blog “Improve Your Creative Life“.

Interested in using my skills for your projects? Send me a message!

My mail address: markus[at]markilus[dot]com

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¹  https://www.hslu.ch/en/lucerne-school-of-art-and-design/degree-programmes/master/design/design/