Images emotionally moving when they, well, move! For this, I studied a bachelor’s degree in animation. I even made a little short film during all this strenuous studying. It is hairy, a bit funny, sad, and really really hairy. It can be viewed below this page.

But you can also do awesome gifs with animation and create a great eye-catcher for anything! Very useful in this digital fast-paced world.

Here is a selection of my skills as an animator.

Awesome Gifs

Gifs are cool and very popular right now. What more is there to say?

Gif Animation
Funny Gif Animation
Moving head gif
moving head animation
moving head gif black and white

Animation Movies


My graduation film from my Bachelor’s degree. Link to the project page of this movie: Harry – Project Page

Animated Games

I enjoy working with game designers to illustrate and animate new video games. However, a few years ago I made my own little puzzle game. It’s a quirky game where you walk a character through a surreal world and solve puzzles to get ahead. Here is a video of this game.

Experimental Animation

The process of experimental animation is what I like best. Just diving into something without knowing exactly what the end result will be is a really beautiful thing.