Blog Update

blog update

Oh, my blog update! Hello, dear friends! I have reworked my little website and put my blog in my undersized portfolio. The reason for this was that I found the blog kind of funky, so cold and boring. Now that it is integrated on my main page, the thing fits me much better! You can see who is behind these articles and the whole thing is much more personal and warmer. It feels so much better! You probably don’t notice any of it, but to me, the blog seems like it’s breathing and living! Maybe I have taken too many drugs. BLOG DRUGS!

In exchange, I now have my store as a separate website, because there were things in the background of my portfolio page that bothered me with all the store plugins. For example, everything was super slow with all this stuff running in the background … Like a 200-year-old man trying to run a marathon. Now my store is on a different running WordPress website and therefore much faster! Rumor has it that my products have become even better to buy! Cough. Cough.

The future of this blog

The goal is to write a post every month around the same topics as before: to help artists and designers with problems in their creative work. Since I was extremely focused on the visual aspect of the blog before, I’m shifting gears and focusing more on quality writing. Of course, visuals won’t be lacking, but I won’t stress myself out trying to draw the perfect pictures for an article. That always slowed me down a bit and they were not always 100% useful. In fact, these pictures with the help of Behaviour Change were supposed to help you change for the better. Did I manage to do that? I doubt it! Send me an email if you disagree!

I will also write the articles for this blog a little bit more humorous because I have a lot of fun writing like this.

There is also a change in the Creative Work Problems Comic, which I will tell you about soon. I hope you like this new blog update! Stay tuned and see you soon!

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