Creative Work Problems – No. 6 – Creativity in Lockdown

creatvity in lockdown. Try something new

The idea for this Comic came from Siri. Check out her work:

10 ideas for you to try something new and stay creative

  1. Try out new materials and techniques of your favorite way to do art or how you design stuff.
  2. Learn new programs that you can use in your daily work process.
  3. Go into an art shop and buy something you never tried.
  4. If you work in 3D, do something in 2D.
  5. If you work in 2D, do something in 3D.
  6. Do something you always wanted to try.
  7. Animate the stuff that you design or the art you do.
  8. Create new ideas for projects. Try different ways of generating ideas.
  9. Think about how you could work a story into your art or design. Even if it’s an abstract way you work.
  10. What is something you need or want to improve in your artistic repertoire? Learn or improve it!