Monster Monday

A few years ago, I began a personal challenge. I drew a monster every Monday. That’s how I ended up with over 190 monster drawings and became known as the creator of all kinds of monsters. I was even allowed to design monster characters because of that! Maybe I’ll do a whole movie about these creatures! You’ll find it in my animation portfolio in about twenty years.

By now the monsters are part of my repertoire like a pinch of salt in my freshly made food.

Here is a selection of my monsters.

Monster Characters

Drawing monsters every week is a great way to draw unique characters. So I automatically came across the topic of character design. But I also have to say that sometimes I design characters rather than drawing monsters. Don’t call the police, please!

Hand confusion monster
Moebius inspired inkdrawing

Tattoo running guy

Tentacle character chase

One-Picture Stories

One-picture stories are what make illustration what it is. At least in my opinion. As soon as you see a story in a drawn picture, it stops being just decorative or explanatory. The fun comes in the whole thing and makes it even better. But sometimes it is difficult to draw a story with only one picture. If this happens the time has come when I go into a corner and start crying (Or I just turn the thing into a little comic).

Draw me illustration

A very sad gardener

Drawing of yellow pals kissing with a tongue
Forest Fantasy Frog

Monster Comics

Comics are one-picture stories with extra steps. Here still with some creatures in it! Very often I draw myself drawing how the monsters want me to draw them. I still have control over it though, trust me. I don’t need help. Help me.

Markus is hiding from a horned creature