Welcome to my jolly online art store!

You have accidentally stumbled upon my wacky online store and are now obliged to buy something. No, just kidding! Or maybe I’m not kidding … Of course not (unless you like something (you like a lot (repeat after me: I like a lot. I will buy. I will obey. Consume.)))

Nah, I’m joking!

Important things to know here!

store gift illustration
The products in this shop (if given as a gift) will make you more popular among your family, friends, professional colleagues, and arch enemies.
store illustration
Super legit studies (that I faked myself), show that you are 112% more awesome when you buy these products.
chocolate illustration
100% of the profits from this awesome store will go to the purchase of dark chocolate (fairtrade). I’m hungry, hurry up!

Other things to know about this super awesome store

I have developed this shop as a separate website because the shop plugins in the admin menu are super slow for me. I want my main site with portfolio and blog to be super fast and sleek. You don’t care about this, do you? You’re here to do some shopping right? Yes, of course!

Have a look around! The prices are in Swiss Francs because I have to pay more for other currencies and the currency plugins eat up the sales revenue of this store in the blink of an eye.

For Swiss peeps, the delivery is super free (You heard it right!) and for all other lovely people, the delivery is free if you buy more than 25 CHF! So be sure to put a bit more stuff in the shopping cart. I will put even more in your package because I like to give free stuff!

Fun fact: I don’t earn anything from this store, even though it says above that the profit goes to the purchase of dark chocolate (I lied). I do this for shits and giggles and to make a few people happy as fuck.

Check out the FAQ for more information.

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