CHF 7.90

This Is Not A Story For Children – Zine

32 pages printed on recycled 80g paper in black and white.

14.5 x 15 cm

Dirty and stupid jokes, poorly drawn and written.

This isn’t for Children!

The first 28 zines come with one original, unedited A5 page of the zine! So hurry to get a original inkdrawing from me!



I warn you! In this zine there are some stupid jokes with a lot of twists and more stupid jokes. It is about planets and how they behave. Well, kinda. I don’t want to spoil too much of this lovely story. I made the narration of this zine in a automatic drawing like way. I just went and sketched the first picture, then the second one and so on. After that I changed the narration a bit. Therefore the story developed in a straight way. Thats why the whole zine is kinda crazy in the storytelling section. You will see (if you buy it (Ha!)).