Reflect, Get In The Flow and Endure

Instead of doing a blog post every time I do a” Creative Work Problems” comic, I want to do a batch of three to more comics each time. Today’s post will focus on the old series I did last year.

The new series is quite different and the advice is in the description of the post in each case. This makes them more “blog-able”. Nevertheless, I’m uploading the new series in a collection as well.

But this will come later. Here are the last three in my first series.


 Creative Work Problems comic reflect

Even if you are able to work: Reflecting on the things you are doing in your creative process from time to time is always a good idea! You will see problems that you did not even anticipate.

Get In The Flow

 Creative Work Problems comic flow

Flow is my addiction and the reason I do all this stuff. It’s so nice when you get into the flow and I’m always very relaxed in the evening after my creative work when I’ve been in the flow all day. Ask the questions in panel three to get better in the flow!


 Creative Work Problems comic endure

Every now and then you just have to endure something in order to have it easier later on. That’s why it’s often helpful to move out of your comfort zone and do things that you need to overcome.

Those three comics are the last of the first series of my “Creative Work Problems” comic. You will find the new ones I do on Instagram. The second series is already three comics in! I will post them soon here too. Stay tuned!